Consciously-empowered wellness for everyone. Whether you can venture to Bali or need to stay at home, Betsy will get you rolling thanks to Wellround, her myofascial release app launching this fall.

Lvl 1 Myofascial Release 11hr YTT
July 18 and 22
Northwest Yoga Feast
July 20 - 22
Lvl 1 Myofascial Release 15hr YTT
September 14 - 16
Lvl 2 Myofascial Release 15hr YTT
October 26 - 28
Refresh Bali Yoga Adventure (save your spot soon!)
January 26 - February 2
Betsy’s private sessions address the needs and goals of the individual. Sessions could include myofascial release, Thai Yoga, postural assessment and correction, asana instruction, meditation, breath work and suggested lifestyle modifications. Private sessions are most frequently sought-out by folks who are new to yoga and myofascial release and by those who are recovering from injuries or who have unique health and ability-specific needs. Openings for private sessions are very limited. To inquire about booking an in person or virtual private session with Betsy, email
Betsy’s curiosity about wellness began early. Homeschooled by her mother who was both loving and unwell, Betsy internalized questions like: “What makes mom sad and tired all the time? How can I make her better?”. When not at home and in her head, Betsy was in her body - sweating it out at the dojo, dance studio, or playing with neighborhood kids. When she got good enough at some of these things, she taught martial arts and became the neighborhood nanny. Then when it came time to choose her major, Betsy’s innate desire to understand and help others heal from the inside out lead her to study psychology. She earned her BA then researched and taught psychobiology, women’s health, meditation, yoga and myofascial release (MFR). After several years as an entrepreneur and leader in the wellness industry, Betsy continues to alchemize Eastern and Western wisdom and science. She remains passionately engaged with human suffering as an advocate for conscious, kind, empowered, and equitable living. She no longer tries to 'fix' people, instead, she acknowledges everyone as innately whole and capable of self-healing. With the radical notion that we can and should enjoy life, she shares her collection of self-liberation tools with those who are ready to re-claim their power and prioritize their wellness.

Betsy is the founder of Wellround, the first MFR app. Based in Seattle and teaching internationally, join her for MFR online, or in real life. In addition to ongoing study of MFR, she is trained in Yoga Tune Up®, Prana Flow, NeuroKinetic Therapy and Thai Yoga. Betsy sends gratitude to her most impactful teachers: Jill Miller, Shiva Rea, Cosetta Romani and Master Yom. E-RYT 500, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Certified, Lululemon Ambassador, BA Psychology, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.